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The story of BNP Paribas dates back to the 19th century, when the banks that would eventually form the Group first opened and expanded. Fueled by Europe's extraordinary industrial growth, the banks were able to set aside enough savings to finance crucial economic development. From its early beginnings to the present day, the Group's evolution offers an opportunity to explore two centuries of banking history, in addition to that of Europe and the world as a whole.

Produced from our archives, the BNP Paribas documentary retraces our Bank's history from 1822 through to the present day.

  • 1822

    Société Générale de Belgique established in Brussels

  • 1848

    Banque de Paris et des Pays-Bas (Paribas) established

  • 1872

    Comptoir National d'Escompte de Paris (CNEP) and Comptoir National d'Escompte de Mulhouse established.

  • 1874

    Farmers National Gold Bank, the future Bank of the West, established in San Jose, California

  • 1913

    Istituto Nazionale di Credito per la Cooperazione, which later became BNL, established in Rome

  • 1919

    Forerunners of the Polish bank BGZ (Bank Gospodarki Żywnościowej) founded

  • 1927

    Kocaeli Halk Bankasi (KHB), later Türk Economi Bankasi (TEB), established

  • 1932

    Banque Nationale pour le Commerce et l'Industrie (BNCI) established.

  • 1945

    Leading French deposit banks, including the CNEP and the BNCI, nationalised

  • 1966

    Merger of the CNEP and BNCI to establish Banque Nationale de Paris (BNP).

  • 1979

    BNP acquires Bank of the West.

  • 1986

    Privatisation of Paribas (which had been nationalised in 1982).

  • 1993

    Privatisation of BNP.

  • 1997

    BNP Paribas.net website.

  • 2000

    BNP Paribas Group established.

  • 2006 - 2009

    Acquisition of BNL, Fortis, BGL and TEB.

  • 2007

    Start of the global financial meltdown.

  • 2013

    Launch of Hello bank!

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**basis portfolio of the Scheme as on June 30, 2024


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*Investors should consult their financial advisers if in doubt about whether the product is suitable for them.


*The PRC matrix denotes the maximum risk that the respective Scheme can take i.e. maximum interest rate risk (measured by MD of the Scheme) and maximum credit risk (measured by CRV of the Scheme)

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