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Investment Philosophy - Equity


We believe the greatest value to be created from equity investments is by staying invested for the long term. We believe that equity markets are not completely efficient. We feel that developing a superior knowledge of equity through a robust research and investment process would lead to potentially superior investment performance.

We are primarily growth investors. We seek to invest in companies and businesses which can potentially grow at a faster rate than their peers for significantly long periods of time. Our in-house investment framework BMV (Business - Management - Valuation) helps us in identifying these companies.

Valuations is a key component of our philosophy and framework. We seek growth businesses that are available at reasonable valuations. Companies that have been able to understand future trends – socio-economic and demographic, and successfully deploy this understanding to their business models have been able to achieve above average growth rates. Identifying the opportunity afforded by these companies relatively early in the business cycle is the cornerstone of our philosophy.

The quality of management is an important determinant of the success of growth companies. The ability of a management to deliver across market cycle on multiple metrics along with best in class corporate governance remains a key touchstone for our portfolio companies.

We believe in delivering consistent investment performance over multiple market and economic cycles. Consistency is achieved through a robust risk management and rigorous investment process. We understand that markets are volatile and our philosophy seeks to protect the downside in volatile market times while continuing to provide the potential opportunity to generate superior risk adjust returns in the long term.

Investment Approach

Business, Management, Valuation (B.M.V.)



  •   Company growing faster than industry, industry growing faster than market
  •   Structural and long-term sustainable growth
  •   Focused and simple to understand

Moat: a sustainable competitive advantage arising from brand franchise, cost advantage, industry structure, technology/patents, distribution, etc.
Change: Positive change in sector, receding competitive intensity

*A sustainable competitive advantage

Leadership in:

  •   Competency basis management through market cycles (trend of sales, margins, capital allocation, etc.)
  •   Corporate Governance factors such as interest alignment with minority shareholders, Conduct and govern business with Transparency, Ethics and Accountability, organization structure, track record with respect to all shareholders


  •   Cash flow is central to the way we think about a company's value
  •   Valuations: Intrinsic value, DCF (Discounted Cash Flow), Dividend Yield, Operating Cash Yield, etc.
  •   The narrower the 'moat' or weaker the management, the greater is the margin of safety required
  •   Superior risk-reward profile

Investment Philosophy – Fixed income


We are active managers and aim to generate sustainable superior performance through a combination of macro research and security selection while maintaining portfolio discipline and risk control.

The basic tenets of fixed income are safety, liquidity and returns, in that order. Our investment approach is to avoid mistakes, not take very aggressive calls and be mindful of the fact that risks have a disproportionate impact on returns.


While we focus on generating superior performance, we reckon that a very important element of success in fixed income investing is to avoid losses. Since credit investing is asymmetric in nature, rigorous credit research is an integral part of the process. We judiciously apply our well-defined investment framework to ensure that the funds avoid undue interest risk and are managed in line with the stated investment objectives.

We believe interest rates in fixed income market are influenced by a wide variety of factors - both domestic and international; as well as economic and otherwise. Therefore, our interest rate views, and strategy is formed by a wide-ranging analysis of the above-mentioned factors. We position our funds along our expected yield curve basis their duration mandates and the opportunities available within those duration mandates.

We determine and monitor the credit worthiness of a company through a rigorous credit evaluation process. Apart from thorough financial analysis, we also consider internal/external factors and developments that may have an impact on the credit worthiness of the company.

Risk Management is an integral part of our fixed income investment process. Apart from credit and interest rate risk, we analyse and monitor the liquidity of individual securities as well as the liquidity of the portfolio.

Scheme Riskometer**

**basis portfolio of the Scheme as on June 30, 2024


*Investors should consult their financial advisers if in doubt about whether the product is suitable for them

Benchmark Riskometer**

**Basis constituents of the scheme as on June 30, 2024


*Investors should consult their financial advisers if in doubt about whether the product is suitable for them.


*The PRC matrix denotes the maximum risk that the respective Scheme can take i.e. maximum interest rate risk (measured by MD of the Scheme) and maximum credit risk (measured by CRV of the Scheme)

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