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Know Your Customer

To invest in the schemes of Mutual Fund (MF), an investor needs to be compliant with the KYC (Know Your Customer) norms as updated from time to time

The procedure is -> Fill the Common KYC (CKYC) application form by referring to the instructions printed overleaf. Enclose self-certified copies of both proof of identity and address. Acceptable list of documents are as follows:

PAN Exempt Investor Category (PEKRN) -Refers to investments (including SIPs) in MF schemes up to INR 50,000/- per investor per year per Mutual Fund. This set of investors need to submit alternate proof of identity in lieu of PAN.

In Person Verification (IPV) - This is a mandatory requirement and can be done by the list of officials mentioned in the instructions printed overleaf on the CKYC application form. Please submit the completed CKYC application form along with supporting documents at any of the point of acceptance like offices of the Mutual Fund/ Registrar, etc.

Modification to existing details like address/ contact details/ name etc. in KYC records

For any modifications to be done to the existing KYC details, the process remains same as mentioned above, except that only the details to be changed needs to be mentioned on the form along with PAN/ PEKRN and submitted with the relevant proofs.

Modification to your existing details like contact details

Send an email to the service email ID of the mutual fund from your currently registered email ID

Connect to the call centre of the mutual fund from your registered mobile number

Submit the revised Email ID/Mobile registration at any of the Points of Service (POS)/Investor Service Centre (ISC) of the mutual fund along with a self-attested copy of PAN/Any valid PoI (for PAN-exempt investors)

As a part of Go Green initiative of SEBI, investors are requested to keep the latest email id and mobile no. updated with the fund house.

Modification/ Change of Bank Account:

Bank account details can be changed by submitting a Bank Account Registration Form at any ISC of the mutual fund.

Documents required for the purpose of changing bank account details, one can bring any one of the following documents, either in original or attested by the Bank:

  • Cancelled Cheque from the new bank account
  • Latest Bank Statement
  • Latest copy of bank passbook with name & a/c number printed on it
  • Bank Letter

And cancelled cheque from the old bank account

Updation of PAN

As per the directives issued by SEBI from time to time, it is mandatory for all investors to update the Permanent Account Number (PAN) (unless exempt from furnishing PAN) in their mutual fund. All joint holders are required to update their PAN in their folio. In case of folios of minors, where the minor does not possess a PAN, it is mandatory to update the PAN of the father, mother or court appointed legal guardian of the minor.

Dealing with registered Mutual Funds

Investors are urged to deal with registered Mutual Funds only, details of which can be verified on the SEBI website (www.sebi.gov.in) under Intermediaries/ Market Infrastructure Institutions.

Scheme Riskometer**

**basis portfolio of the Scheme as on April 30, 2024


*Investors should consult their financial advisers if in doubt about whether the product is suitable for them

Benchmark Riskometer**

**Basis constituents of the scheme as on April 30, 2024


*Investors should consult their financial advisers if in doubt about whether the product is suitable for them.


*The PRC matrix denotes the maximum risk that the respective Scheme can take i.e. maximum interest rate risk (measured by MD of the Scheme) and maximum credit risk (measured by CRV of the Scheme)

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